Join Our Influencer Program

Join the YOURSBLACK Influencer Program and start turning your traffic into revenue!



. Your blog have 5K+ followers or 1K+ views per day.
. Any of your social accounts have at least 25K+ followers with high quality post contents.( e.g. YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Tiktok, etc)


. Free Items will be offered as your wish.
. Earn >10% commission while someone ordered through your exclusive link.The reward will also be increased once we have a long-term cooperation. It mainly depends on the incoming traffics.



. Pay your commission through PayPal.Please make sure your account registration on Us is the same email on PayPal. We will send the payment through PayPal directly.


. Share your opinion about our products on all your social accounts. A related blog post will be the best.
. YOURSBLACK reserves the right to collect and use the photos & information of your post(s).
. The posts should be published within 14 days upon the arrival of the items.
. You must tag @yoursblack and add hashtag #yoursblack in your Instagram/Pinterest/Facebook/Twitter posts.
*Please email to once you publish your posts.