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 The Brand Story

Yoursblack is a brand founded by a group of cool girls who are avant-garde, maverick, individual and creative. Because we love this style together, we became close friends in high school. Diablo, Goth, and Punk have never been the bad girl label considered by the public. Yoursblack, find your own black, not only now, but at every moment in the future, we hope that our brand style can inspire you, release your own personality, and go Looking for the most unique and free self in your hearts, as young, we must show our own individual culture in this era.


Our Web shop

Yoursblack brand is inspired by Punk, Gothic,Alternative Fashion and Visual kei clothes. Our main products include Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, & Accessories, which are mainly exported to Europe and other developed countries. Nowdays we have been cooperating with Artists, Designers, Manufacturers, & Ambassadors from Poland, America, Germany, France, Switzerland, and other beautiful countries and regions. High quality, complete satisfaction of customers, good commercial credit and incessant innovation are what we pursue. 


1. Gothic

“I like black. It’s bold, powerful,mysterious and Forever Classic!”

Beauty is power. Be bold. Be daring. Be simply beautiful. 



“Don’t care about other people’s eyes, U know who U r”

The most important thing is to be yourself, cause everyone else is already taken! 


3. Lolita

"The fairy tale was an own story made up by adults.”

If learn to face the reality is the cruel we have to face when we grow up to adults, we just want to treasure the fairy tale color that was broken by the reality in a cruel world. Some day, we will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.